“No, I'm not the same, nigga. I think I done changed. See somethin' not the same, nigga. I used to walk into the room head down. I don't walk, now I float. Float on 'em, I float on 'em, just float…”

Do the title and lyrics above sound familiar to you? If you watched this series you listened to this song in the final episode that caused a huge lump in your throat. What a giant song!       If there are those who haven't watched it, even these few words can tell you a lot about the series.

Yes, this is a black and white conflict. Racism and superiority. Deception and humiliation. Self-interest and rejection. Deep but muddy. Deaf but high-flying. Disrespectful but greedy.       Hot and warm. Sugar and poison. White but dirty. Black but colourless. Seeing but eyeless.  Its heart is beating but it is soulless. It has light but it is dark inside. Loyal but crippled. Self-sacrificing but mute. Nightmare and heaven. Free but dull. Risky but effortless. Volunteer but arrogant. Safe but sinister.

Would you like to be the only person who determines the books the world will read? If you were to decide what the people of the world would read, what would be the first book you would choose?

Oh yes, this may depend on what perception you want to create. Maybe cheering people up is the last option for you. First, let's cook a mental porridge and then we can subdue the souls anyway. Everyone will think that they chose a book based on the chain of events in their life. My reading list for October! The books are in my suitcase for vacation! Oh, of course, let's not forget the concept of coffee and books. A charismatic coffee mug and a book that doesn't suit your soul. But this couple looked good on Instagram. So come on share it!

The series also emphasizes how the heart of the publishing industry beats. We witness how a white writer can interfere with the career of a black editor. Not only does he intervene, he wants to rule her heart. Publishing is a difficult industry in our age. As a writer, I can accept this. Arduous, challenging, conflicting, oppressive, and more...In the drama, you also witness how a book can enter the bestseller list and even how the author of the book is considered a god. I can say clearly there are scenes where those who like to read can take special notes.

Many of us want to find friends who understand us, do not judge us, listen, and empathize. And many of us think that we have found it years later and brought it into our lives in the most sincere way. We want to help his/her career as much as we can. And of course, we do these by sacrificing a lot of ourselves. But one day a light bulb starts flashing in our minds; this is actually a warning. We continue to keep it in our lives for a long time without understanding it. But soon disappointment crashes into our souls like a huge hurricane. Once again, benefit is involved. Again, the person you thought was a friend succumbed to his/her jealousy and ambition. Believe me, I am writing as someone who is still very disappointed about friendships. This is another aspect of this series. Friendship and companionship. Interest and ambition. Jealousy and selfishness.

This drama is based on Zakiya Dalila Harris' thrilling 2021 novel of the same name. As I always say, please read the book first. There are so many negative things happening in the world. Read the book and watch the series. And take just three minutes to ask yourself:

Can I put aside my ambition, jealousy, and evil spirit to be a good person? Will I fit into this world in a positive way? Will I fight for what's right, even if I have to fight hard for it?